content wrangler + writer for hire

  • copywriting + editing
  • business + marketing communications
  • digital + print
  • websites, blogs + social media
  • content marketing
  • SEO: content strategy, writing, management and optimization

FWE (freelance writer + editor)

Seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience in content creation, communications and publishing. Interested in short- or long-term projects. Desirable mix of right- and left-brain traits; develops on-target content that delivers. Strategic and creative thinker: mind perpetually outside proverbial box; makes paper airplanes out of pushed envelopes. Playful wordsmith: crafts copy to sing, swing and pack a punch. Hopeless romantic: loves matching just the right word with just the right image. Ace editor: can slice, dice and finesse text to bare essentials in seconds. Reads Chicago and Oxford style guides by candlelight. Walks on beach alone but can pull together creative teams for full-service projects. Emotionally attached to certain Sharpies, no. 2 pencils and yellow legal pads, but fully embraces new media (and life).

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What is a "creative content developer"?

I’m an editorial jack-of-all-trades and wear different hats depending on the job: copywriter, content writer, scriptwriter, editor, content strategist or content manager. Content comprises text, audio, and still and moving images. I specialize in the text part but am adept at pulling all the other pieces together. I work with existing copy or create it from scratch. The "creative" part of the title means I can write snappy copy, engage in imaginative storytelling, and gauge just the right style for a wide range of audiences.

What kind of things do you write and edit?

I specialize in two different areas: education and business. For the former I write and edit web content, brochures, e-learning and curriculum guides, social media posts and marketing communications for schools and higher ed. For the latter, I work on pretty much anything a client needs—from websites to white papers.

How are these two connected?

Both want copy and content that informs, educates, hooks or persuades, reinforces and drives home key concepts. That meets user needs while achieving product or marketing goals. It all comes down to effective communication and information design. For maximum user engagement and ROI.

Is writing for the web really that different from print?

Definitely. Web text is an entirely different animal. Its non-linear and interactive. Different rules apply. It’s part of a two-way process between the page and the reader. Readers scan and skim and skip around. You’ve got mere seconds to hook them and keep them engaged. You need to cut to the chase and keep it concise.