TMG: What’s it all about?

The Tiny Mind Gazette is a blog, a social-media experiment, and a creative playground. It’s what happens when a writer and designer go stir-crazy in their respective home offices over a long New England winter. It’s an excuse to get a little zany and flex our creative muscles in between serious assignments.

Most important, it’s a way to test social media tools and marketing channels, to watch and measure what works and what doesn’t. It’s been interesting to compare patterns and stats with Facebook vs. Twitter vs. old-fashioned email. And to see which of our dumb jokes resonate with readers vs. which ones fizzle or flop.

These guest blogs by TMG designer-writer-publisher Doug Eymer add some background and context. They also help justify why we spend valuable time doing unpaid work:

Wapatusset, Greyotes and the Death of Scrim Shaw

Tiny Mind Gazette Initiative: A statistical snapshot

Sally Sisson on Writing for the Tiny Mind Gazette


Samples of Sally’s stories:

My main beat is the Police BLOG. I also dabble in (bad) fashion, real estate, social climbing, Seasonal Affective Disorder, parenting skills, roadkill and what have you…

The Official Tiger Mother’s Guide to Snow Days

Record Nearly Shattered: World’s Longest School Concert

Russian Spy Ring South of Boston?

Spy Swap (Not Wife Swap!) Set for Russian Agent Arrested in Boston Suburb

Summer Solstice 2010: A Special Report

Wapatusset Wonder-K