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January 31, 2013

The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Media Networks [Infographic]

Timing: A key element of social media marketing strategy

When it comes to social media, timing is everything. Opportunities to capture attention and engagement are fleeting, so you’ve got to strike when the traffic is right to maximize your reach.

Think of the Five Ws of journalism — Who? What? When? Where? Why? — when crafting a post and keep the WHEN top of mind. WHAT you post is of utmost importance, but you also need to plan WHEN to post it WHERE in order to reach the WHO you’d like to hook. When is your target community most likely to be tuned in and responsive? What’s the prime time to spark a conversation?

The folks at Social Caffeine created this infographic to illustrate the best and worst times to post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Best times to post on Facebook and Twitter

The Best (And Worst) Times to Post on Social Media [Infographic] by @Socialcaffeine

Disclaimer: Content may settle during transit…

Naturally, the times above may vary by industry, target audience and other factors. But use this infographic as reference alongside your analytics, or combine your own intuition and hard data.

So what’s the method to your social media marketing madness?

Do you connect with early birds over coffee on LinkedIn? Party (engage) with night owls on Pinterest? Do the prime time frames above for Facebook and Twitter ring true to you? Do you ever just wing it? Please share your findings below. Thanks!

  • dougeymer

    For me, the worst time to post on Facebook is when I have a cumbersome or unexciting (boring) project that I should be working on instead. Facebook fits very well into my procrastination process.

    I also like position myself as a Facebook antagonizer. If I do this job properly, I usually get a response almost immediately–no matter what time of day or night.

  • sallysisson

    Doug, you are one of the best Facebook antagonizers I know. 🙂 

    I guess for my personal posting, I don’t pay attention to timing and don’t really care if people are tuned in or not. When I feel like ranting about something or sharing a stupid story I just do — just like I do at home with my family. People either pay attention, laugh or don’t laugh, or walk away (often saying something like, “Mom, you are completely insane.”).

    When it comes to social media marketing for clients, I’m trying to figure out best practices and how timing factors into reach and engagement. If you aim only for peak times, don’t you also risk getting lost in all the noise?