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December 7, 2010

The key to Groupon’s success? A stable of great copywriters.

Okay, so it’s not only about the clever content. But it’s the reason I read my Groupon coupon every morning as I sift through the clutter in my in-box. And I’m not alone.

Back in September I posted a link to this article from VentureBeat about writing as the key to Groupon’s remarkable success. Now whenever I read about the social-buying site and Google’s billion-dollar takeover offer, the copywriting bit remains top of mind.

Read the article here:

The Secret of Groupon’s Success Is… Good Writing?

“Chief executive Andrew Mason said today that the success of his popular social buying site Groupon had less to do with brilliant tech and more with good writing, and with unfashionable technology like email.

“Groupon employs a staff of 70 writers to create the text of all its group deals, Mason said. It might be easier to ask the businesses offering the deals to write the content, or perhaps to find some way to automatically generate the text, but Mason said that having well-written, engaging content is a key part of convincing users to keep reading…”

groupon 2

To be continued…

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June 17, 2010

Social Media 103: Twitter as Creative Writing Tool in the Classroom

tweetAfter writing the copy and content for “Web 20.10,” a Discovery Education website produced in partnership with Microsoft and SMART Technologies, I was asked to write an accompanying blog. The Tech Tips Blog touches on Web 2.0 topics found elsewhere on the site—like wikis, blogs, podcasts, Skype, social media sites and multimedia presentation tools for schools.

Here’s my post on Twitter in the classroom:

Twitter: The Ultimate Writing Tool?iphone

Will Twitter hinder literacy or help it blossom? It depends on who you ask. But more and more educators—many of them former skeptics—are now touting the use of Twitter as a writing tool. The micro-blogging platform is proving useful for all kinds of inventive exercises to hone writing skills, in and out of the classroom.

Read the whole blog post here:

Web 20.10 Tech Tips Blog | Twitter: The Ultimate Writing Tool?

What’s your take: A fun exercise in creativity? or the decline of Western civilization? Leave a comment and let me know…

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June 12, 2010

Tiny Mind Gazette: Satire + a (serious) experiment in social media

Guest blog from EYMER Design:

In November of 2009, EYMER DESIGN Laboratories + Think Tank developed a Social Media Test Kitchen, the Tiny Mind Gazette ( The TMG is a TypePad blog that is interconnected to Facebook and Twitter.

The content is provided by various designers/writers as a creative outlet of free expression. Much of the content is provided by my fellow Cohasset (Massachusetts) resident, Sally Sisson. Sally is a creative content developer for mostly Business-to-Business and Educational Companies. Sally and I first met through Facebook and discussed the possibility of starting a blog, loosely based on our charming New England town of approximately 7000 residents. Picture in your mind, Lake Wobegon seen through the eyes of The Onion or Spy Magazine of the 1980-1990s.

Read more and see graphs of page view and click stats at:

Tiny Mind Gazette Initiative: a statistical snapshot