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April 6, 2010

Here Comes the Sun: Overcoming creative block (part 1 of many)

sunSo I’ve been busy ghost writing a blog for a large corporation (to remain nameless) and neglecting my own. Big time.

All the tips I give clients about blogging—carving a niche, stockpiling content, hooking readers, building momentum, keeping a steady pace—went out the home office window a few months back.

And here I go breaking another rule of blogging: Never begin with an apology.*

But spring is a time of renewal and I’m suddenly inspired. After a long, frozen winter the record rainfall in March brought flooding to many parts of New England and despair to housebound freelancers like me. We’re just now coming up for air.

What floats your boat?

I’ve got creativity on the brain. I’ve been asking friends and colleagues—writers, designers, painters, poets, ad copywriters, computer programmers—for tips on overcoming “creative block.” How do you recharge when you’re spent? How do you clear the synapses and keep them snapping?


When you’re working hard to make a deadline on little sleep, how do you keep the creative juices flowing (and tired clichés at bay?)

When you channel all the creativity you can muster into a big project for a client, how do you find the bandwidth to dabble in anything artistic on your own? At the end of a long day, do you find a quiet corner to sketch, paint or write poetry? Or do you watch Rockford Files reruns? (No longer airing on TV Land but available on Just saying.)

Send your tips my way and I’ll share them in my inspired and inspirational follow-up. Stay tuned…

* Tip from blogger and writing coach Elizabeth B. Soutter via friendly nudge from digital media consultant Tracy Graves @ B4South